Liquid Mineral Makeup – The Perfect Choice

People with a combination skin type often feel that their face looks like a patchwork quilt after the use of powder mineral makeup. ( vendors wholesale) This is indeed true, as the face shows uneven dark and light areas, and separate smooth and flaky spots siberian mink eyelashe .


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Don’t worry! The solution to this problem exists as mineral makeup in the liquid form. Only a few companies including Raisin Images, Maybelline, Illuminare, Jane Iredale, GloMinerals etc. manufacture and market liquid mineral products. Such makeup is usually found in the form of face foundation siberian mink eyelashe .

Safe and Sane Choice

Makeup in the liquid form contains all the qualities and advantages of all that was present in powder mineral cosmetics. The only difference is the consistency of the makeup and the ease of application. Mineral cosmetics in the liquid form also ensures that the skin is protected from bacteria and skin irritation caused by organic materials. This is because mineral makeup does not contain any plant or animal extracts. Also, it helps your skin to stay healthy the natural way as it does not contain any oils, perfumes, chemicals, artificial dyes and additives.

Moreover, makeup in the liquid form does not contain mica, formaldehyde and bismuth oxychlorides which ensure that the skin looks radiant, without the unwanted shimmer. It enables the skin to breathe free too, as it does not contain parabens and petroleum. Also liquid makeup is completely natural which makes it just the perfect choice.

As far as suitability is concerned, liquid foundations are suitable for people with dry and flaky skin. This is because powder makeup makes their skin look and feel drier, dehydrated and itchy. It provides added convenience, as due to the natural SPF15 formulae, it becomes a makeup and also serves as a sun screen lotion siberian mink eyelashe siberian mink eyelashe .

Making It Yourself

This makeup can be made at home personally using your own skills. Moreover it is very easy to prepare. All one needs to do is take a dab of a moisturizer or mousse and add a little powdered makeup to it. Then apply this mixture consistently on your face on both normal as well as dry areas for full, even coverage.

However, rather than using your fingers, there are special application tools for liquid mineral makeup. These tools are made of absorbent sponge and are in the form of thick brushes that can hold the liquid and sweep it on. As a matter of fact, you can use whatever tool and application method you wish to, the way you siberian mink eyelashe would for any other liquid makeup.

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