What Will You Do When Repo Men Come For You?

The worst part of a foreclosure is when the repo men come knocking real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes.

It is a matter of shame, anger, sadness and most of all, despair. However, there is a right way and a wrong way to deal with repo men. Forget what you see on television, as the cases they show there are the most extreme (or fake) ones. In fact, seven out of 10 repossessions are concluded in a relatively civil manner real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes real mink eyelashes .

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As a matter of best practice, read your mortgage contract and understand what your lender can and cannot do in cases that you default on your payments. This can help you prepare for the worst, should it come to pass.

So what should you do when the repo men come knocking on your door? Well, first off you have to be civil and polite, even though your emotions may be boiling inside you. Being a repo man is not easy, and these people get abused by people on the worst days of their lives. The least you could do is to interact with them in a professional manner.

The first thing you should expect is to be shown documentation regarding their actions. Ideally, the repo men will be polite and will state their intentions and show documentation without prompting. As a matter of personal security, you have the right to ask for documentation supporting their actions as authorized by your lender. If they cannot produce such documentation, then you have the right to refuse entry.

What you should not do is to be hostile toward the repo men. A certain level of animosity is expected, but you should never threaten or take physical action against the repo men. Not only do you worsen your position in your creditor-debtor relationship, you also set yourself up for personal charges for assault and battery. Being charged with a crime is not going to help you any, so stay in control.

Another thing you should avoid is to damage the property as an act of lashing out against the repossession. Not only is it very rude and improper, it can also mean additional trouble with your creditor. Remember that under the terms of a mortgage, the lender technically owns the property. The lender might file charges of property damage or attach damage fees to an already grave case.

Once you have ascertained that the repo men are the genuine article and that they are here on sanctioned business, then it is in your best interests to allow them to perform their duties. Secure your small valuables and personal documents and avoid getting in their way.

Sometimes the repo men will ask you for payments as an alternative to direct action. This should be authorized by the lending institution, and will comprise arrears plus costs. Do not attempt to pay them as an incentive to leave you alone for a while. Hopefully, the repo men will come sometime during your lender’s operating hours so you can call them up to confirm authorization for this action. If you do hand them money to pay for your debt, make sure to call your lender and inform them.

As always, the best way to deal with repo men is to not deal with them at all. Cut your expenditures and direct whatever you can spare into paying for your debts, so you won’t have to worry about what to do when the repo men come for you.

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