How to Apply Mineral Makeup

Being that mineral makeup is a fairly new concept to the world of cosmetics,( vendors wholesale)  it is often believed that mineral makeup is difficult to apply and is time consuming mink fur lashes wholesale .

This could be the farthest from the truth! Mineral Makeup is extremely easy to apply, and takes less time then applying traditional cosmetics mink fur lashes wholesale .



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To apply mineral makeup there is only a few simple steps, and you will only need 2 things to apply mineral foundation; a container of mineral foundation and a mink fur lashes wholesale mink fur lashes wholesale  brush.

Step 1: Open your container of mineral makeup and pour a tiny amount into the lid of the jar. A little goes a long way and you can always add more if needed.

Step 2: Take your makeup brush and whirl it mink fur lashes wholesale  around in the lid. Make sure the brush is picking up the minerals.

Step 3: Dust off any extra minerals by lightly tapping the brush onto the side of the jar.

Step 4: Buff the brush full of minerals onto your face in a circular motion. Start with your cheeks and then forehead, chin, and nose. Be sure to blend all the way down onto your neck for a smooth look.

These are the only steps you need to apply your mink fur lashes wholesale mink fur lashes wholesale  mineral foundation. This whole process usually takes about 2 minutes, so it can be applied even if you are short on time.

To apply additional mineral makeup such as blushes and eye shadows the same 4 steps are used. Just apply onto the cheeks and eyelids instead of over the entire face.

With a little practice, anyone can be a mineral makeup pro in no time!

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