A Girl’s Guide to Foundation Makeup Based on Skin Type

One problem many women seem to have choosing the wrong foundation for their skin. (http://www.covergirllashes.com/eyelash vendors wholesale) Before even doing their eye shadow or applying their blush, they have already made the gravest mistake in makeup. Without a good base, nothing will look fresh or flawless no matter how much you blend or shade. Using a mineral makeup foundation on dry skin will make your wrinkles and flaky skin look like the grand canyon while cream foundation on oily skin will resemble the wicked witch of the west melting into a puddle of goo mink false eye lashes .

You will need to determine what type of skin you have before you even begin thinking about the brand. To find your skin type, follow this easy guide. If you have problem free skin that is smooth and not prone to breakouts, then you are normal type. If you have visible pores, excessive shine, and have to wash your face a lot, then you are oily type. If you wrinkle easily and your skin looks rough and flaky, then you are dry type. If you are oily in some spots such as your nose and dry in other spots, then you are considered combination mink false eye lashes mink false eye lashes type.


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Now that you know what type of skin you have, you have to pick the right type of foundation makeup for your skin. Girls with normal skin types are the luckiest and can get away with all types of foundation. Cream foundation, mineral makeup, and gel foundation will all work with your skin. Just pick your favorite brand and whatever makes you look the best. Girls with dry skin will have to use a cream or liquid foundation that is oil or silicone based. This will help seal in moisture and prevent your skin from drying out during the day. Girls with oily skin will do best with a powder or mineral makeup foundation. You can also try a non oil based liquid foundation if you feel it looks best with your skin. Girls with a combination skin type, you will have to double mink false eye lashes mink false eye lashes  up and use a powder on oily areas such as your T-zone and a cream on your dry areas such as your cheeks.

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