Torah – The Primordial Metaphor

The meaning of the word Torah is Teaching and includes the entirety of invisable 3D mink lashes  studies over the last 4,000 years until today through study of the Torah. The Torah is a finely developed structure impervious to contradiction-contradictory ideas find no place within the Torah. Yet, there can be many varying opinions without stepping over the line of contradiction.

This labyrinth of ideas is held together by a primal generality out of which all particulars are derive; like thoughts prior to their illumination in the mind, the particulars of creation were all held in a fluid drop of liquid water which when condensed took on the invisable 3D mink lashes  structure of the snowflake. It is known that each snowflake has a unique design never to be replicated again.


invisable 3D mink lashes
invisable 3D mink lashes

The Torah is comparable to that drop of water prior to creation as it says in the Midrash-Book of Metaphor God look into the Torah prior to the creation of time and from the radiance of the reflection came the light of creation-time and space. The invisable 3D mink lashes  found within creation-physical or spiritual-comes out of that primordial glance of the Creator upon the waters of the Torah congealing into the snowflake of creation.

Scientists call it fractals, the way in which creation divides into symmetry; there is no explanation for this phenomenon to the invisable 3D mink lashes  of reality which is replicated before our eyes in the form of a snowflake forming from a drop of heavenly water. Why and how the water turns into a beautiful unique symmetric form is not as mysterious as it may appear because within the water all possibilities are present.

Within creation everything has a time and a place where it exists-the environment. The nature of water is to flow; when water is stressed by the cold it takes on form through contraction to float through the bitter cold and land delicately upon the ground, clinging to the limb of a tree or the eyelash of a pretty girl. Even crushed into ice, the water retains its integrity until the environment warms allowing water to retake its natural form and flow.

Each moment of time in the web of time is distinct due to the constant change of the environment invisable 3D mink lashes  to the new time. Since the core of our planet is of fire in the form molten rock therefore all things upon the surface deteriorate then prepare for rebirth-each moment demands rebirth. The fire of our planet is being mollified by the presence of water whose vapor is released as erosion occurs; some call it death, but that is the myopic view of invisable 3D mink lashes .

The interchange between liquid and solid is a metaphoric example to the workings of heaven and earth imbued with the light from the face of the Creator is exemplified in each molecule of water. The Torah/Teaching existed prior to creation and therefore is called: the Primordial Metaphor to the structure of creation-the Will of God.

Dovid Krafchow lives in San Francisco and is the author of Kabbalistic Tarot published by Inner Tradition and a new series of five ebooks called The Dance of the Pig: a cosmology and world history based on the Cabala, available only at Dovid is a Jewish elder and teacher, unaffiliated and non-religious. He stridently believes that in the end it is the individual who changes the world.

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