Using a Flocked Sponge with Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup behaves differently to ordinary makeup, and it will take a few goes and experimentation to work out what method of application is best for your skin type fast delivery customized .

It’s important to know how to use a flocked sponge for mineral makeup application effectively. The advantage of this type of sponge is that your makeup doesn’t end up looking messy, streaked or uneven. It’s perfect for blending.


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Check out the following tips fast delivery customized fast delivery customized :

– Before applying the makeup, ensure that your face is cleansed and that the moisturiser you have applied has been fully absorbed by your skin.

– Apply the makeup in thin layers. This will avoid an uneven appearance.

– Apply your makeup, and then fast delivery customized fast delivery customized  use the flocked sponge for blending the makeup in a stippling motion, with light, short strokes for best results.

– Only use the sponge for the initial application if you desire a heavier coverage. In this case, pick up the powder with the flocked sponge, press it into your skin, then buff for a smooth finish.

– An alternative method is to drop a few drops of water on the lid of your powder, pick up the powder with the sponge, and use it to mix the combination to your desired consistency. Or pick it up with the sponge and lightly spritz the sponge with water and apply it to the skin with light strokes until well blended.

– A flocked sponge can be used with any fast delivery customized fast delivery customized fast delivery customized makeup – powder, foundation, eyeshadow and blush.

– You can wash and re-use some brands, however check the supplier for their recommendations.


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