13 Things Millionaires Do That You Don’t Do

Who knew that one could learn about eyelashes false eyelashes and frugality from millionaires?

The millionaires that Dr. Thomas Stanley studies in his two books (The Millionaire Next Door and The Millionaire Mind) are first generation millionaires, so keep that in mind. We’re not talking old money or people with a sense of entitlement.

eyelashes false eyelashes
eyelashes false eyelashes

According to his eyelashes false eyelashes research, first generation millionaires tend to do the following:

1. Have shoes resoled/repaired. Oops, I never do that. But then again, like most people, I don’t pay $200-300 per pair of shoes, the way these millionaires do, because that’s a lot of money to spend up front. But millionaires know that if you make a higher up front investment, and occasionally get the shoes resoled, then the cost per wear is much less. Even if I could pay $300 without batting an eyelash do I really want to keep a pair of shoes for ten years? Um, I do not. I like the excuse of going out and getting something new every 2-3 years.

2. Having furniture reupholstered/refinished instead of buying new. That probably doesn’t work when a lot of your furniture is from Ikea. eyelashes false eyelashes. I see their point though. It’s so much easier to pick out new fabric for your couch – the upholsterer will even come to your house – than it is to spend endless hours shopping for a new couch.

3. Having clothes mended/altered instead of buying new.

4. Raising the thermostat setting on your air conditioner during summer/daytime.

5. Switching long distance companies. Thanks to free long distance from cell phones this really isn’t an issue eyelashes false eyelashes.

6. Paying off/paid off home mortgage early. I hope to experience that.

7. Never buying via telephone solicitations. Yay for caller ID!

8. Developing a shopping list before grocery shopping. I never have to do that because one of my daughters tends to do that for me. At least she sometimes includes the note “buy something for yourself too.”

9. Using discount coupons when buying groceries. Rarely do I find coupons for things I actually buy, so I don’t get how so many people think coupon eyelashes false eyelashes really works for them.

10. Purchasing appliances and/or motor vehicles “top-rated” by Consumer Reports.

11. Leaving department stores as soon as purchase is made. I prefer not entering department stores in the first place. A couple of weeks ago I was in Macy’s and it dawned on me, for the first time, that I don’t like shopping in department stores. I hardly ever find anything I want. I much prefer entering a small store that tends to sell clothes that I like (Gap and Banana Republic come to mind) and hit the sales racks. And I don’t have to walk past makeup clerks and feel all insecure as I pass by their harsh mirrors and catch a glimpse of my face sans makeup.

12. Buying household supplies in bulk at warehouse stores, i.e. Sam’s, Costco. Ugh. I hate shopping at those places and also hate shopping at stores like Target; tromping around a huge store doesn’t appeal to me at all and just lures you into buying things you don’t need. I can go months between trips to eyelashes false eyelashes. I buy most of what I need at the grocery store or online.

eyelashes false eyelashes
eyelashes false eyelashes

13. Doing more and more business with a discount brokerage firm(s). OK, I’ll keep that in mind. Ahem.

Maybe you already do or have done a lot of these things. If you have other tips (even if you’re not a millionaire) please feel free to share them.

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