Makeup Mistakes You Should Strive to Avoid

In all aspects of our lives, there is no doubt we all commit several mistakes. ( eyelash vendors) Make-up blunders are no exception. Although almost every woman uses or at least knows how to use makeup, mistakes can be seen rather too often. Some make-up mistakes are minor and forgivable, but there are some make-up boo boo’s that are no longer tolerable cheap 3d mink fur lashes .

Described here are some of the most awful makeup aberrations and all you have to do to avoid committing those unforgivable makeup errors, is to read and understand how each can occur. This way, you can also save the eyes of those witnessing your makeup blunders from hurting. Moreover, cheap 3d mink fur lashes  it will also save you from looking awful and being a laughing stock.


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Too Much Lip Gloss

One layer of lip gloss surely makes your lips gorgeous. cheap 3d mink fur lashes cheap 3d mink fur lashes But applying four layers of gloss will make your lips look awful. You should never think that the more gloss you put on, the more you will be kissed because too much gloss is actually a big turn off.

Wrong Foundation Color

Wearing foundation without matching it to your skin tone or applying too much powder will not make you beautiful; these will just make you look like a ghost. When choosing a foundation, choose the right color that complements your skin tone. This way, you will achieve the lovely face you are aiming for.

Defined Blush Circles

If you are portraying a clown, then sure, excess blush is perfect for your attire. But if you are not, then stay away from defined blush circles because it will only make you look cheap 3d mink fur lashes cheap 3d mink fur lashes  ridiculous. Instead, apply the right amount of blush on that will blend with your skin tone.

Excessive Matching

Even though pink is your favorite color, you do not need to express it by wearing pink eye shadow, blush and lipstick because this will only make you look gaudy and boring at the same time. Instead, stick to just one: eye shadow, blush or lipstick.

Raccoon Eyes

No denying that raccoons are so cute because of the adorable little circles around their eyes. But keep in mind that you are not a raccoon so stay as far away as you can from looking like this creature. Avoid unnecessary eye rubbing, but if you cannot prevent yourself, try a new mascara. If it is still cheap 3d mink fur lashes cheap 3d mink fur lashes impossible for you, just stop using it on your lower lashes altogether.

Now, you are already familiar with some of the make-up mistakes. The thing is, mistakes happen; mistakes are what make us human. All you have to do is to learn from those mistakes and try to avoid committing the same mistakes over and over again. Remember, make-up can definitely make you beautiful, but it can also make you look horrifying if not applied properly.

Lizzy Jones is a former makeup artist and now writer on Beauty and Cosmetics Issues.

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