How to Apply Smokey Eye Makeup – Easy, Simple Tips For Beautiful Eyes

Almost everyone is looking for answers on how to apply Smokey eye makeup because this is the trend that is in and I am sure this is going to last long. ( eyelash vendors) So pep yourself up and get those beautiful, sexy eyes with minimum effort. The only thing that is most important when you want to find out how to apply Smokey eye makeup is to make sure that the blending of colors and shades are perfect. Whatever be your skin tone, if you blend bottom lash manufacturer  and choose the colors well, you will sure have best results.

You might be wondering what can be the best colors that you can choose. Well, it is best to make pairs of light colors on the base and then dark colors on top. For instance a soft gold as the base with dark purple can be an excellent combination and so are the combinations champagne base with blue or peach shade base and a dark bottle green upper shade. Well, most people like to find out how to apply Smokey eye makeup using  bottom lash manufacturer bottom lash manufacturer a black shade. You can, provided your skin tone allows bottom lash manufacturer  it.


3d lashes
3d lashes

When you are looking for the right tips on how to apply Smokey eye makeup you need to first make sure that the eye shadow that you apply should not melt and this is quite possible. So make sure you use a primer which is an eye shadow base that will give you long lasting effect of the eyeshade bottom lash manufacturer bottom lash manufacturer application.

The next think you need to do is apply eyeliner. It is not necessary that you apply the traditional black. You can also choose between brown or smoky gray shades too. Apply it in the thickness that you like above your upper lash border. You need to smudge it well so that you get that smoky effect. After this you apply the light base color and blend it in. the last thing you need to do is apply mascara lusciously. This will give your eyes the sexiest look that you ever wanted.


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