Tips on How to Apply Stage Makeup

Back in the old days, applying makeup on the face for a performance focuses on the skin. ( lashes vendor) Well, that manner is still very much used these days but with more focus on the other aspects of applying stage makeup as well. Not only you get to focus on the skin but you also get to focus on the eyes, cheeks and lips as well. Now I will share to you a few tips on how to properly apply stage best best mink eyelashes best best mink eyelashes .

First, you apply cake foundation on the face including the neck. Apply it evenly using a sponge. If you are using a liquid foundation, make sure that it is evenly applied using your fingertips. If you are using a two-way cake foundation, make sure to wet the sponge first before applying. Make sure that the color of the foundation matches your skin. But you can also use the color “orange blush” which is commonly used regardless of your skin color because the said color will match with any kind of color when you are already up in the best best mink eyelashes  stage.

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Now the next thing you have to focus on is your cheeks. Use a blush that is color red or a darker shade of pink. These colors will surely be lighter when up on the stage. Don’t use a lighter shade of blush because such colors would not take effect or cannot be seen up on the stage. So use darker shades for blush. Use a blusher when applying. Evenly apply blush on both cheeks that emphasizes your cheek bones. It is recommended that make the blush darker below the check bones. But don’t overlook the entire cheek. Make sure that the blush  best best mink eyelashes is fairly applied.

Third, focus on your eyes. Keep in mind that your eyes should glow or at least will be seen up on the stage. With a light eye makeup, your eyes would surely not be noticed up on the stage. So use darker shades of eye shadows. Anything that is dark would do. But the best eye stage makeup would be to fill the whole sides of your eyes, both up and down, with black eye shadows. Then apply the color of your choice of an eye shadow for finishing touches. In that way, your eyes will truly be emphasized on stage with a touch of color around the best best mink eyelashes  black shade.

Finally, use a red lipstick or a darker shade of pink or orange for your lips. Use a lip liner to make it more noticeable on stage.

Now follow these tips in applying for a stage makeup and you will surely stun out among anyone else on stage.

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