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Hair Loss Remedies – Is There a Hair Loss Remedy That Really Works?

There have been 3d mink eyelash loss remedies a plenty over the years with old wives tales, surgery and medication being the main ones but is there a hair loss remedy that really works? Well they all do to a certain extent (except the old wives tales) but transplants are painful and expensive and medication can have unwanted side effects. There is however hair loss remedies that work by using natural ingredients that tackle the actual cause of baldness itself.


Male or female pattern baldness occurs when the free testosterone in the blood meets with the enzyme 5 alpha reductase. This then creates 3d mink eyelash ; 3d mink eyelash itself is not really the cause of hair loss as if it were then we would all be bald, DHT causes hair loss when the person has inherited the gene that makes them sensitive to it. This results in the DHT attaching to the follicle and thinning it out until there is no more hair. So it would make sense if the 3d mink eyelash loss remedy was either tackling the DHT, testosterone, 5 alpha reductase or even better all 3 at the same time.

Individually dlhair there are minerals and herbs that actually do this and they are nettle root, saw palmetto and zinc. Nettle root is good because this actually helps to prevent the amount of free testosterone in the body, and saw palmetto and 3d mink eyelash are both good as they help inhibit the production of 5 alpha reductase; there is one more thing that can really enhance all of this and that is Minoxidil.

Minoxidil is getting a lot of peoples attention because it actually catches the DHT in bloodstream and stops it getting to the follicle. As well as that it also stimulates the blood vessels which encourages 3d mink eyelash growth, it works so well it is actually FDA approved.

As well as targeting the cause of the hair loss you also need some certain vitamins to make sure that you are growing healthy hair too. The main vitamins you need are vitamins B6 and B7. B6 as well as promoting new healthy hair also works very well with 3d mink eyelash as it makes it more potent in the way it inhibits the 5 alpha reductase, while B7, which is more commonly known as biotin, is essential for hair growth. In fact people that are deficient in biotin normally do not have eyebrows or 3d mink eyelash either.

So if you combine these hair loss remedies together you end out with a potent hair loss remedy that is not only tackling the cause of baldness but also encouraging the new hair growth at the same time. You could of course go and buy these all individually at a health store and hope for the best, however there is now a product which has combined these ingredients and is proving to be very effective for both men and women.


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